Finite Wishes lead To Permanent Wishes

“Hey it’s not my fault, who uses finite anymore” Julie (left) said to her brother (Now twin sister) Lucas as they sat in the park.

“I’m not angry at that you turned me into a copy of you for 24 hours but i am angry that you lied to me about the reason. If you wanted me to go on a date with a guy who will only go on a date if his twin brother has someone too, i would have said fine but that oh brother can you model for me BS is heartful and making me like men…oh cute gu-see what i mean”. Lucas said as he tried to fix “his” bra for the fifteenth time.

“yeah about that 24 hour thing i sorta….oh our dates have arrived” Julie said trying to change the conversation, her new twin sister seemed to be having great fun with “her” date and telling her the changes are permanent might spoil the occasion.


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