Revenge is sweet.

“Please! Don´t do it!”
Karen didn´t care the slightest what her husband said. She wanted him to be punished. With her now much stronger body she took Garreth´s frail naked female body and bent him over.
Her erection came from both the power she now possessed, the ability to dominate Garreth utterly and from his sexy and inviting curves.
“Stop! I don´t want your dick inside of me! I`m sorry for what I did!”.
“It´s too late for that now. You´ve had your chance”. And with that Karen shoved her massive dick into Garreth´s wet snatch. He wimpered at being filled up with something so big so fast.
Keeping him down Karen began to pump in and out with a set goal in mind. Her husband sensed it as well.
“Sto-oop! Don´t come in….hnngggh….me! I don´t wan….oh god…I don´t want to be…*gasp*..stuck”. Even though Garreth was protesting at getting fucked from behind Karen saw that the he couldn´t ignore the pleasure. Perfect.
She intensified her pace.

“Oh god! Oh god! Oh god! Mmmmmm!” The moans and whimpers was quite telling. Garreth seemed to have really gotten into it, Karen thought.
“Mmmmm. Pull….out. I…don´t….wanna….be….a….woman!” He was using all the willpower he had. Too bad he never used that same willpower when he got drunk.
Karen felt how a pressure was building up at the tip of her dick. With a series of powerful thrusts a warm tingle spread through her male body and she spurted her load of semen into Garreth´s female body.
The magic that had changed them both went into the second stage and locked both of them into their new forms.
And the third stage began.

Karen whispered into her husbands ear; “With me dominating you in this way will make the imprint on your mind from the magic so much more enjoyable for me. You will become so submissive and docile to me, and I will be the one calling the shots in literally everything.”
Garreth wanted to mouth back at his wife but he just couldn´t. It just felt right not to bitch about it. He let down his head. “Yes dear”, was everything he had to say.
Karen stood triumphantly over her beaten husband. Revenge was so sweet and she would savour it for a long time to come.


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