Reforming Men Inc

A very smartly dressed man stopped in front of door number eleven. He brought up the tablet he was carrying and read from it.
He put the tablet under his arm and opened up the door.

“Hey boss! We´re still working on this one”

The man that was called “boss” raised his one eyebrow disapprovingly. “Why does this one take so long to educate?”

“He….well, she got loads of willpower. We´re slowly getting there. Just need to find her final breaking point We´ve tried out a shit ton of new things on her. She´ll be ready in time, we promise”.

The Boss contemplated this. He studied the former man that was strapped down on the bench, violently being fucked by a dildo at the same time a man filled her mouth with the full sensation of a warm and fleshy cock.
New things indeed, he mused.
But he did recognize the evident willpower in this specimen. Maybe she would be more suited for other tasks than just being an obedient sexual companion.
Their education had already affected her mind but if they re-directed their efforts they could make her into something completely else.

“Stop the procedure”, the man uttered.

“Huh? Boss?”

“You heard me. I´ve got a new idea for this one”

“But the customer. He will be pissed”

“We`ll offer someone else or reimburse him. What we have there on the bench is an unpolished diamond.
The man flashed a devilishly smile. “When we are done with her she will be the most sought after dominatrix in the business”


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