Quit Talking

It was the darnedest thing. I went in the hotel bar for a quick drink after our meeting and there she sat. We made eye contact and she motioned me over. She was a little older than I usually go for, but she was all alone at a table. We chatted for a while, I don’t remember what about. She seemed nice enough and, for an older lady, was attractive and in good shape. I don’t know what happened but suddenly I watched my body get up and leave the bar, only I wasn’t in it. Somehow we had traded bodies. I went to my room but didn’t have my key anymore so I thought of you and came here. This body is in good shape, I certainly am an attractive woman now, and the strangest thing is the thoughts that keep going through my mind about men, I mean only 30 minutes ago I was a man and never thought of men that way, Does that make me gay? I guess not since I’m a woman now, I guess I’d be gay if I now found women attractive, what do you think?


Anyway this feels really good and look at the size of these tits, I guess I should call them breasts now, but they are really sensitive.


This feels really strange, exciting but strange, for me to be a woman standing in her underwear, maybe I should call them lingerie, in a hotel room with a man, and guess what, I’m a natural blonde, the drapes match the carpet if you know what I mean.



You’ve convinced me. Now quit talking and come to bed!


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