Harry on the left was prom king, and was feeling his girlfriend Lana’s pussy after the prom back at her place. He asked her if there was anything special he could do for her as he was on top of the world after winning that evening. She said yes there was, and muttered some words.

Suddenly Harry’s hand felt smaller, and like he hand long nails. He felt a breeze over his shoulders and under his legs, and felt two weights on his chest, and a wet feeling between his legs were his boner was! His legs felt as if a soft fabric was rubbing against them, and something tight like boots was over the lower part and his feet. His feet felt smaller and perched up. He backed up nearly stumbling, and looked down at his self.

“What happened to me? My voice is even different. I’m a… a… chick! I’m a chick in a freaking pink skirt! I have boobs, and my thing is… oh no… GONE! What happened to me Lana? What is going on here,” said Harry in a freaking out moment.

“What happened? Well, you asked me if there was anything special you could do for me. Well, there was! I found I’m really into chicks instead of dudes, and I wanted to stay with you. So instead of being my prom king, you can be my special prom queen! You even have a special crown on your pretty new head. I just need to take it up and let that sexy new hair of yours down, I think it will look lovely,” said Lana.

“You didn’t mention anything about this before. You could have at least asked first. This is so weird. I feel strange, not bad, but different of course. I’m so small now and soft and curvy. My thingy’s gone, I have boobs, and probably longer hair than I’m used to up in this bun thing. I’m not sure what to say about this, I mean I love you and don’t want to lose you, but this is a lot to take in,” said Harry.

“Harry, sorry, Harriet. Just go with it. Have fun with it. You will learn to love it, and get used to it. You are sexy and hot, and all mine. You look cute and that skirt and those boots are killer sexy. Just be my girlfriend,” said Lana.

“I will try, Lana, for you for our love, I’ll be your special prom queen, just be gentle with me, I’m more delicate now,” said the new Harriet.

Lana left for a moment, then came back with a huge strap on dildo! She stared at Harriet, and Harriet stared back stunned.

“I’m going to be the one doing the taking now, Harriet. I want to be the dominate one, so you are in for a treat,” said Lana.

Harriet was not used to this at all, but smiled, realizing their was a first time for everything. She even hiked her skirt up over her ass and bent over, sliding her panties over a bit, and pointing to her new vagina. Lana had other plans, and with an sinister grin shoved it into Harriet’s tight new anus instead! Harriet’s eyes opened wide.

“You could have done this to me as a man,” said Harriet surprised at Lana’s choice of holes.

“I know, but don’t worry I’m going to use that other whole soon enough also. I want to break you in thoroughly young lady,” said Lana pumping away.

All Harriet could do was moan.


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