Quality Control?

I saved up for years to finally buy some X-Change to finally give me the proper sex I should have been born with. I went to my “supplier’s” house to pick it up and take some and it beyond any expectations I could have ever had. My long blonde hair, big breasts, sensitive skin, beautiful figure, and a face that any one would love to have.

Before I can leave his house and test out the rest of what this body can enjoy, my supplier grabs be from behind, rips my beautiful white dress and starts fondling, groping, and whispering, “Lets test out this body right here and now”. I fought back and continued to fight, though the over-sensitivity of my new body and especially him touching my new beautifully shaven pussy left me with pleasure, dread, and a hint of anticipation. I don’t know to either hope to get away or make this last as long as humanly possible.

Only time will tell…


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