“Nice.” I looked down at my boyfriend, Paul. “I like the slutty nerdy look. Didn’t know I could pull that off.”He smiled and tried to look sexy. He managed adorably awkward, which – oddly enough – works for me. I felt my cock (formerly his) start to rise, and quickly shucked out of my clothes. As always I marveled at how much easier life is in men’s clothing.He fixated on my cock as soon as it was exposed, and I gave it a couple of experimental strokes before stepping forward. He licked his lips as it bobbed in front of his face. I could see he wanted to lean forward but was restraining himself.I reached down and caressed his head, casually curling my fingers through my old hair. I kept my voice matter of fact. “I take it from the cuffs I’m supposed to be in charge tonight, and you probably want me to tease you. But you’ve been saving up, and I’m not feeling very patient.” I nudged Paul’s lips with my cock, and he looked up at me as his mouth parted. “So you’re just going to have to settle for sucking me off,” I breathed as I took a grip on his head with both hands, “and then I’m going to bend you over the couch and fuck you until I can’t move.”He stared up at me adoringly as I started forcing my cock down his throat. As he enveloped me, I threw my head back and closed my eyes. Shit, he was good. I had to come up with something awesome next week when it was my turn to decide on roleplay night. Maybe I could talk my friend Leon into a threesome. Paul had always wanted to try being double penetrated.


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