Playing with themselfs

Jim(12) bought a device from an old lady. She said it could change him into anyone he wanted. He knew his sister Jenny(18) was going out on a party with her friends, so he decided to go to his friend’s house for a sleepover to test it out. When he called Tom(13), he said his parents were going out for the day, but his brother, Jeff(7) was staying home, so they decided to let him in on the party. When he got to Tom’s house, he changed to his sister’s body.
Tom looked at Jim’s new body, he said he wanted to change into his other friend’s sister Jill (16). When Jeff saw the girls, he asked if he could be one too, knowing it was only his brother and his friend. Jim decided to change him into his sister’s friend Lisa (19). After everyone was in their new bodies, they decided to go upstairs and record their hot bodies on video, so they could look at their hot bodies whenever they wanted

Jim-Right Tom-Middle Jeff-Left


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