I am not the kind of guy that peeks at neighbors or coworkers. But Amy is really hot. I was just walking outside the copy room, the door was halfway open, and I was Amy, she wasn’t wearing any pants. She was, for no reason at all, getting naked. I should have continued walking, but I just stopped to look at her, expecting to see more of her. I could only imagine how hot she must look naked. I thought about her perfectly round ass, and her perfect breasts. How good it would feel to touch them, I imagined my hands touching her ass. I felt getting turned on. She then looked back at me said, “how long are you just going to stare? come in”. I entered the room and locked the door. Amy then continued undressing herself.

I was fixated at looking at her. My eyes were dry, I knew I hadn’t blinked for a while. I finally blinked, and felt a little bit dizzy. But it was ok. It was the first time I did this in the office, I then continued unbuttoning my red and white stripped blouse. I had a crush on John ever since he started working at this office. He never made a move on me, so I had to make sure he felt comfortable around me. He is kinda geeky, but I find him interesting. I then turned around and got him completely naked. “Rip my panties off” I told him. He did so without hesitation.

He started by licking my pussy. I felt so turned on. He then stood up, I jumped on his arms, and started thrusting, trying to get his thing inside me. It was the best sex I’ve ever had. Although I tried to stay silent, I moaned a little. In no time Jane, the office snitch walked in on us. I didn’t way anything, I just smiled. Our boss came into the copy room, and asked us to get dressed. We were both fired from work. As we waited for the elevator, John asked me the weirdest thing “So? how do we turn back?” I didn’t know what he was talking about, “turn what back?” I asked him. He looked confused. But then changed the subject. We went to his home, and we continued having sex. He said he felt close to me and would never let me go.

The next day we applied for new jobs. A couple of months later I met his parents, and he met mine. Six months later we were married, and expecting a babygirl. We couldn’t be happier, plus John seems to understand me perfectly, sometimes I feel like he can even read my mind.


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