A little caption requested by jessica88 🙂

<<Do you like it bitch?!>>
<<Ow! Y… Yes Mr. Coffey! Do not stop!>>
Ow! This is ridiculous! How did I even end up like this? My ass feels so sore. Who knows how long this pig can keep on slapping me? And what will I even do when he will have enough of it and will want to do something else?
I’ve been cheated! That voodoo spell was a total scam and it have cost me a fortune! Now I’m here getting groped and spanked by this asshole trapped in this woman’s body.
I should have known that it was risky to use magic to solve my problems, but desperate times call for desperate measures, and I would soon have lost my job if I didn’t find a way to stop this fucker from stealing all my clients. He was doing so well that there was definitely something fishy behind it, but he was so cautious that even the detective I hired couldn’t find out anything. Swapping body with his secretary and pretend to be her to get the evidence I needed was the only solution I had left.
It has been a hard week going around in this body, always dressed in stockings and high heels and with these tits constantly getting in the way, my boss always caressing me, and pinching my ass, and giving me those thirsty looks (at least I’ve found out that he is a cheater to his wife, even though this is all but good news for me as long as I’m in this body). But it was worth it. I had full access to his office and soon enough I got the proof that he was spying on me, enough to get him fired.
But now that I can finally swap back and return to be me I can’t get the spell to work! I’ve already performed the ritual countless times and chanted the formula over and over! It just won’t work! I’m stuck!
Ouch! This is insane! I can’t be found out but I can’t just keep playing along while I get molested by my rival! I have to get out of this!
<<Enough! Now get on your knees you skank! I’ve got a special treat for you here in my pants!>>
Fuck! What do I do now?
Please make this stop!


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