One Yourself

As Henry “ate out” his girlfriend Rebecca, the spell she cast would take hold of him. She knew he cheated on her, so once he tasted her pussy, he would have one of his own, he would be a she from then on! As Henry tasted Rebecca, he realized something was off. He got up as blonde hair flopped into his face, to see and feel two huge weights on his chest, and below them a hot wet pussy!

Rebecca smiled, “Want me to eat you out now Henrietta? You cheating bastard, well bitch now, you think I didn’t know you cheated on me with a floozy blonde? Now you can be one yourself. Let’s see how well you do as a “player” with that body.”

Henry, now Henrietta replied, “But Rebecca, you can’t do this! I only cheated once. This is such a harsh punishment. I mean look at me!”

“You should have thought of that before you cheated on me, and I don’t care if it was once or many times, you deserve this, and by the way it is for good too, so I hope you enjoy having PMS and catcalling guys. You get what you deserve,” said Rebecca.

Henrietta looked down at her new boobs and pussy, crying but curious, “Is that offer still good to “eat” me out?”

Rebecca smiled, “Of course Henrietta, maybe as a woman you’ll be more faithful to me, after all I’m really bi, and I like you better this way already.”

They both became a better couple after that, and could even share clothing now.


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