One-Way Mirror

Andrew couldn’t believe the luck he’d had at the flea market. He’d gone there with very low expectations, but came back with what seemed like an exceptional find. Not that he was in any way an expert on antiques. Nevertheless, the mirror he found was truly exquisite. Granted, it was overly ornate and not normally his style. However, something about it spoke to him and he was completely drawn to it.

The crazy old guy running the booth called it the Mirror of Ceridwen. He droned on something about some ancient Welsh enchantress too, but Andrew stopped paying attention to him after he saw the mirror. He cut the old guy off, paid what he was asking and went straight home to hang it up.

Once he had it up at his home, Andrew couldn’t look away from it. He gazed deeper and deeper at his reflection. The more he was drawn into his own image, the more that image began to blur and distort. Soon he found himself looking, not at himself, but at a beautiful brunette, young, lean, athletic and completely naked! Andrew went immediately hard, as he stared at this woman. It was almost as if he was looking through a window into her house, intruding on her privacy, with her being completely unaware.

It seemed like she was gazing into a mirror on her side as well, drinking in the vision of her own body. She began to touch and explore her skin, starting at her taut belly, then working tentatively toward the curves of her breasts, then hips, then the exquisite curve of her ass. As her hands slowly drifted around to her front and lingered over her waiting pussy, Andrew couldn’t take it anymore. He reached down and grabbed himself, intensely craving the release of a good wank.

But as soon as he touched himself, his world instantly changed. The realizations of what happened came at him fast and furious. He was no longer in his home; he was now in the home he saw in the mirror. But by far more bewildering was the fact that he now WAS the woman in the mirror. He ogled his new curvy form and couldn’t help reaching down to explore it. As much as the circumstances should have been driving him to anger and confusion, it was all overpowered by the new sensations Andrew was feeling. The woman was obviously already in a heady state of arousal, intoxicating Andrew to a point of utter disregard of this unbelievable situation.

The first caress of his new pussy almost caused his knees to buckle, it was so intense. He leaned forward into the mirror for support, still unable to pull his gaze away from his impeccable new physique. He started slowly and timidly, not even fully believing his eyes or the sensations he was feeling. But his massaging soon became faster and deeper, until he thought he might explode from the arousal of it.

But just as he felt himself on the verge of what he knew must be a profound female orgasm, he heard a door open behind him. Spinning around, he came face to face with a young, well-built man wearing nothing more than a towel. Andrew didn’t know how he knew, but he was immediately sure that this was the woman’s husband.

“Are you starting without me again?” the husband asked, a slight smirk on his face. “So I guess you’re ready for me then?”

Andrew paused for no more than half a second before answering, “Absolutely!”


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