I was told never to pick up a hitchhiker. But it was a long trip home, and I felt so lonely, so when I saw some girl asking for a ride. I decided to give her a chance. “where are you going?” I asked. “Vancouver” she said. I couldn’t believe it, she was going to the same place I was driving to. “Hope in” I said.

After a couple of hours of just talking and talking, I realized we had a lot in common. Even simple things, like her name is Kim, and my name is Jim. She wants to study acting, I want to study film. “You look tired” she said, “If you want I can drive for a few hours while you rest”. I kind of trusted her, so I agreed. I parked, and we switched places. I was so tired that I fell asleep in seconds.

I started having the weirdest dream. I could see myself, but as a separate entity. He waved me goodbye, and thanked me for everything. As I saw my old self walk away, I saw Kim appear out of the blue, she said “Hello, please let me in. I want to be with you”. I agreed by nodding. And at that moment I woked up, I felt my right hand pressing my left breast. For some reason my legs were over the dashboard. My right hand was fingering myself. I was cumming. I moaned and openned my eyes. I was so ashamed. Jim had offered me a ride, and in my sleep I started masturbating.

When we got to Vancouver, I thanked him for everything, we exchanged phones. And I said goodbye. A couple of days later Jim called me and invited me on a date. Of course I agreed, he was the sweetest guy I had met. Hopefully we make out tonight.


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