Oh, I didn’t See you There!

“Oh, hey John, I didn’t see you there! How’s it going buddy?”

“Dammit Charlie, erm, uh, Chelsea! I told you to wear shirts when doing the laundry!”

“Oh come on man, I used to do this all the time! I always used to do my laundry in my boxers before, what’s changed now?”

Amidst my blushing, I can’t help but shrug. Charlie was his same old self…except for, well, the fact that he was now a gorgeous woman. Charlie had always been great with women. I spent way too many nights with him out on the town, picking up girls. He always could do it so easily, while I never really had any success. Despite his supposed womanizing ways, Charlie was always nice to everyone he met. Even if he was on a “one night stand”, he made sure the woman was perfectly fine with that first. While he never had many lasting relationships, he never really hurt anyone’s feelings either…until that a couple of days ago.

Charlie had flirted with this gorgeous woman in a black dress all night, the two really seemed to get along well…at least at first. Slowly, they started to argue, I wasn’t really sure what about. It ended with the woman screaming in his face, something about “Never dating a woman again”. I thought I saw some kind of pink light hit Charlie. He was fine, but overnight he slowly changed. His blonde hair grew out long and curly, reaching down his chest. His face slowly molded itself, becoming soft, delicate and feminine. His shoulders caved in while his hips widened. His waist narrowed, and two large breasts erupted from his chest. As his manhood slowly receded and changed into a feminine slit, his legs smoothed out, becoming slender and womanly. Overnight Charlie had become an absolutely gorgeous woman.

It’s been a few days now, and Charlie doesn’t seem too bothered by it. She told me to call her Chelsea. She’s just living life as she used to. Actually no, she seems almost happier than before. There’s this indescribable “spring in her step” now, as if she wanted this to happen to her all along. It’s like she always wanted to look this way…or not. Maybe Charlie is just a naturally relaxed person.

Thing is, that’s almost what bothers me the most. She’s so beautiful, it’s like she doesn’t realize it. I’m scared that I might have to ask her out one day…but that can wait. For now I just have to get her to wear a shirt while doing laundry…as much as I love the view.


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