My flatmate was some sort of wizard. Every time I would forget to clean the dishes or clean up my mess, he would turn me into an exact copy of my girlfriend and fuck me.While I was her, I became obedient and would do anything he wanted me to, so after our first fuck-session, I would clean the entire flat, naked, and he would watch me, masturbating.When I turned back to being myself, I felt like he violated my girlfriend’s privacy, but somehow, I didn’t say anything…I kept making “mistakes” and kept being punished, but I learned to enjoy it. Soon, he would be filming it, and I would just moan like the mindless slut I’ve become.Whenever my girlfriend wanted to see me, my flatmate would turn into my old self and date her. I wasn’t jealous or anything, I could still “see” her, and get a hard cock inside me every day…


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