A new app had been going around, one that allowed any woman unhappy with her chest to put her breasts up for trade. The NuBoobs app was appreciated by some, but, let’s say, not by others.
Such as Anne here. She had been flat chested for as long as she could remember, so when she discovered the app she jumped at the chance to finally add some heft to her chest. She took a picture of her breasts, and posted it onto the app. Then she waited.
Finally, while she was studying for her finals, someone selected her picture to make the trade. Instantly her chest began to swell out, steadily gaining more mass, her nipples expanding to match.
“No…stop!” she said as they grew past D-cups. She held onto her new titflesh as her boobs continued to expand into her hands (having already pooped out of her too-small top), her hands no longer able to hide her wide nipples. Finally they stopped, settling in at hefty I-cups.
She tried to stuff them back into her top, but to no avail. Her nipples still poked out over the top, and the straps had fallen down off her shoulders and onto her arms.
She had wanted bigger boobs, but this was excessive.


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