NuBoobs Part 2

Here we see Jill, the one responsible for Anne’s new assets. She had come across Anne’s picture while scrolling through the app. She had always had disproportionately massive breasts, and was finally tired of it, so when she saw Anne’s picture requesting a swap for larger breasts, she tapped it and the swap began.
Seconds after tapping the image, Jill felt her chest growing smaller and smaller. Her shirt became baggy as her boobs shrank from I- to C-cups, and they didn’t stop there. In less than a minute the trade was over, and Jill lifted her shirt to get a good view of her new chest.
“Wow!” she exclaimed. “Maybe a bit overboard, but at least I’m not lugging those things around anymore!”
She smiled as she looked in the mirror. Her chest was completely flat now, even her nipples were tiny, especially compared to her former dinner-plate sized ones. The trade had definitely worked out in her favor.


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