New necklace

I have been crossdressing since I was around 12 years old.
I liked dressing up in my sisters clothes when I was home alone.

One time when I was 12, my parents were on vacation and my sister was at work, so I sneaked into her room and went further with crossdressing then I normaly went.
I put on a cute pink pantie and a matching bra, because my sister had big breast the bra didnt fit that well.
When i grabbed a necklace I went to the mirror to put it on.
I had the necklace around my neck and it suddenly closted by it self.
I Pankicked trying to get it of but it wouldn’t.
I felt a strange feeling rushing trough me.
When I looked in the mirror I noticed my hair turning black and growing very long.
Then my face felt like it was being crushed between two rocks.
The feeling displaced lower and lower.
When it got to my chest is saw that the bra was filling up, I was growing breasts.
It hurt so much at first mut when the bra was completly filled up it felt pretty good.
I thought it was done after that while feeling the big round busts, but it started again in my stomach.
I saw how my waist got slimmer and after that my hip wider.
Then the real pain started as my penis started to slowly retract into my body.
The pantie that didn’t fit at first started to get smooth at the front and filled at the back.
As last my legs got smoother and longer all the way down to my toes.
That was when the feeling left my body.
I gazed in the mirror looking at the cute girl looking back at me.

I hear someone coming up the stairs, it was my sister.
“Vera are you in my room?” she asked.
I just went with it “Yes I am, I was looking for a necklace”
i have no idea why i said that but i did.
She came into the room “Aw you look so cute with that necklace, you should keep it”
I had no idea why she was acting like I was always a girl, but i just thanked her and went to my own room.

It had turned into a girls room for some reason.
I said down at the desk looking into the new mirror.
I felt compelted to braid my hair and put on make-up.
When i was done i went with my hand through my hair.
I couldn’t help myself but i started smilling and feeling realy cute and sexy.

I got a message on my phone from a boy with a hearth next to his name.
it read “Hey cuty i got the condoms if you still want to got to the next step tonight.”


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