New Glasses

Gerald was so excited about his new glasses, he could barely wait to try them on when he got home. (20 minutes later) After Gerald had arrived home, he ran upstairs and decided to see how well they worked, but what he got was different than what he had expected. As soon as he put on the glasses, he felt an immense pain raging throughout his body. He felt his arms shrink, becoming petite and very woman-like. He felt the same happen to his legs. His ass ballooned out, 2 enormous tits bursting from his chest, he stroked them, confused about how they got there. He felt hair tickle his shoulders, he tried crying for help, but his vocal cords were being stretched and manipulated, after which he’d sounded like a beautiful woman. His facial bones began to reconstruct, his nose shrinking, his lips popping, and his green eyes rolling back into his head, being replaced by beautiful brown eyes. And then came the worst part, his dick. He felt it being sucked into him like a vacuum, leaving a fresh, virgin, pussy, filling him with immense feelings of pleasure he’d never felt as a man. “Mmm I need someone to fuck me” she said, and she thought her older brother Andrew would do just fine.


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