Never again

‘She can’t do this to me. I won’t let her. She destroyed my life once, I won’t let her do it again.’

Greg stared straight ahead in the mirror, his beautiful female face distraught as he contemplated his new life. He could hear Mary in the bathroom and his spine crawled. It had taken everything he had to get away from her over a year ago. She had been a cruel and vicious abuser but one who seemed to have a supernatural hold over him. When he came home one day and found her fucking his sister it had given him the strength to pack up then and there and move across the country. He had spent a year pulling himself back together, getting to the gym, taking up rock climbing and meeting new people.

But Mary had been busy too. She had spent her time honing her magical abilities so that Greg would not escape next time. She created a spell that would transform him into her perfect, obedient partner. Her female partner. Mary’s touch would be irresistible to Greg’s new form, her voice would command compliance and her smell would bring him close to orgasm.

It was only a matter of time until Mary found Greg. She stared at him from the bathroom, at his full breasts, his delicate features. He wouldn’t leave her. Not again. She wouldn’t let him.


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