My Family’s Disapproval

My sister starting dating this guy. This guy fucking the brunette. Although this is not just a wild threesome with my sister, her boyfriend, and her friend. The friend is now the new me, more importantly, I was her brother.

It started out as a family being introduced to a male chauvinist boyfriend of my sister. He was a real pain in the ass, but too each their own. As the months went by, he became more and more controlling of my sister, eventually my family. So, my father and I decided to take matters into our hands.

We started planting ideas that he was cheating on my sister, falsifying texts and voice mails, and even photo-shopped images. My sister just started to brush it off like nothing had happened. And finally, we apparently went too far…

Though my father and I took different approaches, we really pissed them off. My father confronted the boyfriend’s family about his antics and total manipulation of their family. Soon after that, my father was no where to be found, except for a letter stating he left his family for a better life and how upset he was. If I only stopped there, this wouldn’t be happening to me and finding out what happened to my father.

Obviously upset from everything, I finally confronted both of them, interrupting them having wild sex. I called him a “bane of our family’s existence”, blamed him for our father leaving, controlling my sister, and coped to all of what we did to break them apart. They obviously were pissed off, but to what level he took it was unprecedented. He quickly waves his hands and a strange red aura followed his hands and suddenly, I blacked out. Before I knew it, it was hours later and I was laying on the couch as the beautiful woman below him and my sister keeping me quiet until he was “done”.

He started fucking me over and over again while being pinned by both of them and I started to love the pleasure. Feeling unprecedented pleasure that I never felt before made me speechless, except moans and screams of pleasure. Oh I almost forgot, the “done” part. Apparently, the spell is only temporary for an hour, unless he cums deeps inside of me. My mind fought him, but my body let it happen as my sister whispers in my ear that their father fought much harder before they made him into a her and sold ‘her’ off to his family.

My eyes widen when she says that as she looks up at him and says, “Something tells me we are going to keep you right here, unlike your noisy father. Lets just hope your mother just leaves and moves on with her life, or else we will all pay her a visit.” As he finished saying that, he unleashes his very potent cum deep inside of me sealing this transformation as a wave of pleasure courses through her body as I orgasm staring up at my sister’s eyes and the male chauvinist boyfriend, who I have grown to like for some ‘strange’ reason.


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