More of a Daughter

“Well mom,” Andrew asked as his mother walked into the dressing room, “How do I look?”

His mother was at a loss for words. She knew that Andrew was committed to the roll but she had no idea of the extent. Trying to hide her concern, she put on a fake smile.
“You look absolutely wonderful dear.” She said, “Very…er…convincing.”
Andrew smiled, “Yeah, it’s amazing what makeup artist’s and costume designers can do isn’t it?” He said oblivious to his mothers concern.
Makeup be damned. Andrew’s mother knew better than that. The way he moved, and the way he looked was completely feminine. Even his gestures were different.
She was no fool. No breast forms or padding moved the way Andrew’s chest was moving. The way it swayed gently from side to side and the subtle bounce they gave when he took a step; that was all real.
“Okay, I have to finish getting ready now.” Andrew said as he sashayed over to his mom to hug her, “I’ll see you out there.”
As Andrew’s mother walked out of the dressing room, her head was lost in concern for her son, who at the moment, might be more a daughter at this point.


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