Maria Melons

Ned was bored at the party, and wished he had a busty latina to be with. A magical bong glowed in the room, and Ned smoked it after making the wish. Suddenly reality shifted around him, and he thought it was just the hit he smoked.

As he felt a pleasurable pressure below, long hair around his face, and huge weights on his chest, he knew something was off. Before even opening his eyes to see what it was, he grabbed at the weights, and realized how soft and sensitive they were! The very hands he was grabbing with felt smaller, with longer nails on the end putting a gentle push on the soft flesh.

He opened his eyes to long hair in his vision, massive breasts he had squeezed together, and he spread them apart in shock, feeling them as a part of him, to see the flat crotch below with a cock burring in a place he shouldn’t have, where is cock was missing! Behind him large hands pushed on his round soft ass.

“Oh Maria, you’re such a good lay. You have the best melons in town too, no wonder they call you Maria Melons! Oh yea take it in baby, in and out, you hot chickita,” said the man who’s voice sounded familiar!

The sensations between Ned’s legs were incredible, foreign but incredible anyway.

“Who are yoo meester,” Ned said in his Spanish accent and higher voice, shocked at how he now sounded.

“I’m Preston, didn’t you know that? Wow, you must be high Maria,” said Preston.

“Preeston! Yoos are Preeston, my buddy I weent to the party wit,” asked the new Maria

“I went to the party with Ned, not you babe, but I’m glad I ran into you, and your pussy,” said Preston pounding away.

Maria knew she should get off, but the pressure, and pleasure were too much, and she had no clue how she was not Ned, but yet he came to the party.

“Oh my goodneess,” Maria said as she seen her former body enter the room.

Ned’s former body unzipped, and rammed his rod in into Maria’s stunned open mouth.

“Maria we are going to have a blast, cum blast that is,” said Ned’s former body!

“What is dees! You are mie meester! What happeen,” Maria said as she pushed her former cock out of her mouth to speak.

“What is ‘dees’? We are Ned and Preston, to playa’s who like Latinas, and you are one of them, hang on beetch,” Ned said.

Ned backed up, and Preston shoved Maria off, going around to her front to cum on her face! Ned, now Maria, was stunned as hot cum from her former buddy went on her new face, realizing that wish she made before smoking was granted, only she was the Latina, and this was no drug hallucination!


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