“Who builds these things?” I said outloud. I understand simple mannequins, but to build one for an adult store with extreme proportions sounds insane. “they aren’t build, they are borned”, the store owner said, “If you want I can show you how one is borned”. “no thank you”, I said, “I am in a hurry” [crazy old man]. “It will take only a minute, plus, I’ll give you a free drink, no strings attached, on the house”. One minute, and free drink, ok, I agreed.

“here’s your drink”, said the old man, “Please put this glasses on, they will let you experience the whole thing”. I thought that it was some kind of VR glasses. I took my glass, and drank it on one zip, tasted kind of funny, but it was a free drink. I put on the glasses, they were see through. “hey old man! I think you gave me the wrong glasses, i can’t see anything special”. I hadn’t finished saying that when my lips got stuck. The old man said “Everything is alright dear, it might hurt a little, but you will like it”. My skin and my insides started to burn, I felt extremely hot, like if my clothes were on fire, I took them off. As I took of my shirt I saw two large breasts where my flat chest had been, I tried to grab my equipment, but it was gone. I was still on fire, wanted to scream, but I couldn’t my mouth was still stuck. There was a mirror infront of me, I looked at my self, and I was a great looking girl, although I kind of looked like a porn star.

The heat subsided, and the I started to feel cold.I tried to walk, couldn’t, I looked at my legs, they looked shiny, like if they were made out of plastic, that’s when it hit me. I am being transformed into a mannequin!, that’s how the old man creates them. A couple of minutes later I was hollow, and fully made out of plastic. Couldn’t move, couldn’t say anything. The old man put some plastic clothes on me, and said, “you know what? I must have mixed the potions, You are no mannequin, you are a love doll”. Well I guess you will make somebody a really lucky guy. I wanted to scream, but thoughts of being used by someone made me feel arousse. Although I am now made out of plastic, I have never felt so alive. “Don’t worry, the potion will make you accept your new fate”, the old man whispered to my ear.


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