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So real

“She looks so real” were my last words as a man. The sculpture of one of my favorite characters caught my eye. I had to take a closer look at it. I don’t know why, but I felt the need to touch her. As soon as I did, everything changed. I was looking at what appeared to be myself. “What just happened?” I asked with a girl’s voice. I grabbed my throath. “I sound like a girl” I said. The former me looked paralized, like if he was some kind of mannequin. Read more


“Who builds these things?” I said outloud. I understand simple mannequins, but to build one for an adult store with extreme proportions sounds insane. “they aren’t build, they are borned”, the store owner said, “If you want I can show you how one is borned”. “no thank you”, I said, “I am in a hurry” [crazy old man]. “It will take only a minute, plus, I’ll give you a free drink, no strings attached, on the house”. One minute, and free drink, ok, I agreed. Read more