Making Eight Mistakes

1) Telling Katie that I would be willing to occupy her body for a weekend so I could go to her 10th college reunion as her, because of her reunion anxieties.
2) Not realizing as I headed to the reunion as her that I was already feeling the kind of flutters and longing that have long been associated with being a woman, and not trying to quell those longings.
3) Feeling kind of proud of Katie’s body and enjoying the looks I was getting at the reception.
4) Meeting her old boyfriend Jake at the reception, and thinking it was even close to a good idea to have a drink in his room.
5) Not leaving right away when I got in his room and he said, “Time to pick up where we left off, Katie” with a gleam in his eye, even though I could guess what he meant.
6) Letting him look me in my eye and letting him slowly remove every bit of clothing I had on, wriggling my butt as he removed my panties.
7) Saying “oh, wow” when I first saw his cock, and unknowingly? licking my lips.
8) Pleading with him to fuck me all weekend long as I rode his cock.


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