Life of the Party

Ted was not getting any attention at the party and no one was going near him. He wish he was the center of attention at the party, and suddenly he got his wish. A shooting star was overhead, and he was turned into a horny blonde slut named Tawny. He was shocked to suddenly find himself on his back in black silky thigh highs, high heeled knee high boots, diamond jewelry, and heavy makeup, along with a hot wet exposed pussy, and big boobies covered in hot cum all the while he was grabbing and sucking one of the party goers huge cocks with his tiny manicured hand and puffy new lips!

The new Tawny wanted to pull away from the cock and scream, but her new urges were so intense, she was sticking to cock sucking. She was now the center of attention, and she knew she got her wish, just not at all she expected!


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