Let’s Go

Tim and Cory had been exploring this really weird abandoned building. It had been empty—at least, that was the story—since the mid 1970s, but there was a number of urban legends about the place. Supposedly a coven of witches had used the place for experimental rituals, a number of which had bled into the environment. Tim and Cory didn’t really believe in that kid of stuff, but hey—it was good to put on Tim’s blog for a couple thousand views.

Tim and Cory entered the supposed “main sanctum” a little after midnight. They’d been fiddling around, and then Tim had found a little statue. “Dude, check it out—-it’s a statue of a naked chick” he said, tossing it to Cory. Cory caught it reflexively and all of a sudden there was a flash of light.

All of a sudden Tim’s jaw dropped. Cory’s shirt didn’t really fit him anymore. Hell, to call Cory “Cory” didn’t really work anymore. In his place was a fairly hot girl. She ripped off his old shirt, revealing her lingerie. “Let’s go, big boy” she whispered, lust in her eyes.


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