Kneeling here

Gabby (formerly Gavin) groaned as she pulled at her pink stockings, which were a reminder of her womanhood. After badly offending a witch, she was here kneeling here wearing nothing but a bra and panties left her feeling rather exposed. But who cared, she was now a whore after all….

The door opened, and the man gave her as a perfect a pretext to take back a male body as she’d ever heard. She kneeled upright on the bed and gave him an enticing look.

“You want me, stranger?” she asked and received just a grunt in response. “You want my body?” Another grunt. “Then take it, take me!”

(Now a me digression.) The man lost no time as he unzipped his fly and ripped my panties off and then plunged into me. I took him, I squeezed him, and I rode him like there was no tomorrow. There literally was no tomorrow, because when he blew his load into me his fate was sealed and so was mine.

The feeling was indescribable: I will only say that balls were lost in the process and a cock and pussy were exchanged in the much to my relief. Got it? Get it? What’dya think about it?


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