Job hunt distractions

Tom and Jane had met in school and bonded over their shared interests, right down to their identical majors. When they finished they moved in together and started job hunting, both of them trying to get the same jobs. Tom was better at it and landed a job right away, Jane was struggling.

After about six months she’d had enough. Her mother had given her that spellbook for emergencies only, and Jane decided this was one of those.

Waking up in Tom’s body was more enjoyable than she’d expected. She liked having a cock and being big and strong. Calming Tom down in her body had been a challenge. Jane pretended to not know why they’d swapped bodies. She encouraged Tom to put his job hunting skills to work finding her a job while she went off and did his.

When she asked about it later Tom admitted he hadn’t had much luck job hunting for her. However, when Jane came home early one day and found Tom topless on their deck fingering his new pussy, Jane found out what Tom was really up to.

She didn’t mind. He could stay that way as long as he liked. She wasn’t swapping their bodies back until he got her a job.


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