It’s a Condition

Daniel grasped his chest, as though thinking he could stop the growth by holding them in. She couldn’t of course.

He cursed at his condition. Scientists could probably cure chronic bimbofication, if the corporations didn’t make more money in treatment. Suffers of this condition constantly have to test and monitor their hormone levels. There are so many ways to counteract the pills that suppress the symptoms: allergies, alcohol, even strenuous activity will all lead to ones undoing.

Then you have to make regular payments to that security service, the one that tracks you down and returns you to normal when you do transform. They’re so expensive, premiums go up with every change, and you just know they’re taking little bonuses for themselves anyway ( if you know what I mean ).

Then of course there’s the other pill, the one that keeps you from remembering what happens when you do transform. It’s the most expensive of all. The politicians decided it doesn’t fall under our coverage for what little that’s worth. Some people don’t bother taking it, though after a while they tend to stop treating their conditions altogether.


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