Internal Affairs

If you were to ask me why I joined the Special Services Program, I really wouldn’t be able to tell you. I wasn’t into guys at all, and if I tried, I probably could have found other work easy enough. Maybe it was the starting pay, or maybe it was all the glorifying ads on TV and billboards. I went in knowing exactly what joining the SSP entailed. I underwent hormone therapy, multiple cosmetic surgeries, and put my best foot forward in all of my classes.
Once I graduated, it didn’t take long for me to get noticed. I got multiple commendations for my techniques and commitment to the job. In fact, my job performance led the police commissioner in my city to create the Internal Affairs Division of the SSP with me at the head of our branch. I found myself with the rank of sergeant with a team of twenty SSP members. We were the best of the best in our field of work, and our mission was to provide the best service and satisfaction to our boys in blue.
The job was hard as we were very short staffed, especially in the beginning. Today for instance, we got a last minute call to service a forensic team putting in long hours at a crime scene. These calls were the toughest as you have to be mindful not to let any of their fluids contaminate the crime scene. We needed our absolute best, so I decided to take the call myself. The boys were glad for the release and even told me they were honored at the chance of getting serviced by “the sarge”.


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