Life was a lot more complicated in the 22nd century. The prevalence of cosmetic nanites meant anyone could be anything they wanted. Suddenly given the freedom to literally choose their body, young people took longer than ever to mature and become comfortable with themselves.

Take Joe. In his mid twenties he’d had a series of somewhat committed relationships. He’d enjoyed them, but they’d all ended the same way. The girls he dated decided they’d rather be guys.

Joe was getting distraught after his latest girlfriend got gender swapped and dumped him. He felt like he was never going to find anybody to love him. His friend Michael asked him if he ever considered that the problem might be himself. Joe broke down sobbing and said that obviously it was.

Michael was a good friend. He proposed Joe try something radical. Maybe if Joe got gender swapped he could learn about what it was like to be a girl, and so be a better boyfriend later. Joe had never seriously considered gender swapping before, but now he was desperate. The next day he went to a clinic and got himself turned into a sexy girl named Joey.

Joey spent a week getting acclimated to her new body. She had to buy a whole new wardrobe, explain to her coworkers, friends, and family what she’d done, and get used to the male attention she started to receive. Michael was actually a great help here. He took her shopping and people assumed he was her boyfriend so they didn’t bother her too much.

Joey couldn’t tell whether it was her own desperation to be in love, or if there was really something there, but she realized she was attracted to Michael. Trying to come to grips with the fact that when she played with herself she fantasized about a guy she’d known since they were 8 year old boys together was kind of rough going.

A month into his change, Michael came over with an expensive bottle of whiskey so they could celebrate Joey’s one month anniversary. Joey hadn’t really been drinking much since she’d become a girl, and didn’t know how to handle her liquor. The whiskey was just so good, she kept pounding it down. Michael kept pace, but his larger frame meant he didn’t get nearly as drunk.

Uninhibited, the inevitable happened. It started with sitting real close, then a kiss, then Michael sticking his hand up her shirt to play with her tits, then her reaching her hand down his pants to play with his cock, then him carrying her to the bedroom, violently stripping her, throwing her on the bed. She got on her hands and knees, pointing her ass at him invitingly. He didn’t need any more coercion. He stripped and started fucking her doggy style.

The combination of the wonderful sensation of getting fucked for the first time along with her intoxication proved too much for Joey’s balance and she collapsed on the bed. Michael kept fucking her from behind. As she felt her first orgasm approaching she looked up at him and told him she loved him. Then she felt him thrust deep into her and twitch, his cock pumping her pussy full of his hot cum. She screamed and came.

Now it’s four years later. Joey and Michael are happily married waiting on their third child. They have two boys and are expecting a girl. Joey can’t help but wonder if she’ll have more girls or boys when they all grow up.


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