Glenda and I were both high powered lawyers who never waited for anything. After winning a few particularly big cases we decided to take a year off and try new things. It was Glenda’s idea to try the new Sigma-BDE gender change pills. They were quite expensive, pills for the two of us would blow half of the money we’d saved. We’d have to live a little smaller on our year off, but we both agreed it would be worth it.

We got the pills and headed down to a hotel by the seashore. We each started our regimen of pills and watched the changes happen slowly. It was torture for us. We both just wanted to be the opposite gender now! Each day the changes would be more pronounced. By day three I was androgynous, my hair had grown and had a smaller cock than I did when I was ten. Glenda’s tits shrank and her hips narrowed. Day six my cock was just a very sensitive little nub and I had puffy nipples, the beginnings of my breasts. Glenda’s slit was about three inches long and she looked rather boyish. Day eight I woke up to discover my balls had completely vanished and I had a smooth wet slit in their place. I looked myself over in the mirror before Glenda woke up. I had small tits and my hips weren’t too wide, and I wasn’t a radiant feminine symbol, but I was definitely a woman.

Glenda game up behind me and I turned and saw her. She still had small tits with tan lines from her bikini. She looked almost like a transgender guy. I suppose she was. Her pussy was gone and in it’s place was a pair of testes below what was clearly a cock. It was quite hard.

Glenda didn’t even say a word and pushed me back onto the hotel desk. She lifted my legs apart and thrust her cock inside of me. I moaned and felt my small tits bounce.

The sex was great, but I still I felt impatient. There was another six days of pills to take before I’d be a busty feminine sex goddess and Glenda would be a chiseled Adonis. I wanted it now!


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