I’m Not Your Son

“How on earth will you change back?” Questioned the man standing over the young girl with a booming voice.
“Well Daddy, I’m not sure I want to be a boy again.” Stated Sam shrugging her shoulders.
“How could you not want to be a man?” Cried the father.
“Because being a girl is better, if you had the chance you would agree” argued Sam.
“I’m a man through and through and you are a man and my son” shouted the father.
“Your wrong Daddy, I’m a girl and I’m your daughter” explained Sam kindly.
“But your name is Samuel.”
“Samantha” corrected Sam, “but I still like to be called Sam”
“What could even make you want to be a woman?” Questioned the father angrily.
“I don’t have enough time to explain all the excellent reasons why I am now on the better side of the gender wall. But for starters look behind me.” Motioned Sam.
“What am I even looking at?” Quizzed the father.
“Shoes” smiled Sam.
“Shoes! Only fucking shoes have you lost your mind?”
“No Daddy I have not”
“You’re probably not even a woman anyway, how can you transform with out me knowing about it?”
“Well Daddy,” sighed Sam shrugging her shoulders once again, “I never intended to be a girl, when I went away there was a chemical spill which made me a female, that’s why I’ve been away so long. I had to learn how to live as a female and now I love it”
“You’re not my son, you’re a fucking disgrace. I am ashamed of you” growled the father.
Sam was hurt by this at first but then came up with the perfect reply, “you know what Daddy, you’re right, I’m your daughter, you’re beautiful daughter. Oh, and Daddy I was wondering about birthdays and things after all mine is coming up soon. There are these green heels I’ve been looking at on the internet and I absolutely adore them” said Sam cheekily.
With that Sam’s father walked off and she never saw him again not that Sam truly felt as though she had lost anything.


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