I’m gonna get you

Gary gazed down at his former 12-year-old body and smiled. His big sister Elly looked up suspiciously.

“What’s with the stupid grin? There’s nothing cool about this situation, Gary.”

Gary swished his hair and said, “I’m getting increasingly fond of being in your body. It’s so nice being attractive and smiled at all the time by both teachers & classmates. So liberating. I feel so free and popular as Elly: better than being ignored as dweeby little Gary.” (And I’m learning all kinds of *ahem* ‘private’ things about girls firsthand, he thought. Secretly, he giggled as he felt his boobs sway.)

Elly stood up and angrily clenched her fist. “Shut up, Gary! It’s my body and I’m gonna get it back. Soon as possible. Any minute now I hope Dad calls and says he’s fixed the accident at the lab.”

Gary’s smile grew even bigger. “Not if I can help it,” he said, skipping away.

“Oooh, don’t you dare do anything! I am so gonna kill you!” Elly screeched, running after him.


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