I’m Finally Free!!!

I’ve always loved the way Denise Milani looks….Her perfect body, her perfect face, beautiful hair….I’ve always dreamed that I could be like her… at least look like her. I finally found out that a 3D copier has been developed that can take an human image and make an exact copy of it in a bodysuit right down to the ability to “feel” everything just like a real person. I just had to have it. I contacted the company and had the suit made to my exact specifications. The suit arrived about a month later and I couldn’t wait to try it on. I went into the bedroom and laid it out as per instructions. I then disrobed and prepared my body as the , I was instructions said. After an hour of getting ready, I was ready! I slipped first one , then the other foot into each leg and began to pull the suit up. I was making sure that I was keeping the suit in contact with my skin so it would start to bond . Once I got it up toward my waist , I could tell the difference. My feet didn’t look the same and my legs definitely didn’t . My god, they looked fantastic! I now started slowly pulling it up over my butt and my crotch area ,getting excited along the way. I took my penis and tucked it into the sheath that was on the suit. I looked down and all I could see was a smooth patch where my penis was and I now had a pussy!!! I pulled the suit up over my ass and I could feel her toned buttocks . As I continued to bring the suit up toward my chest, I had to exhale so I could get the suit over my rib area. Next was the part I’ve been waiting for…The chest and head area. I took each arm , one at a time and slid my into each one. To see small dainty manicured fingers just makes me so happy! I then got the suit positioned so I could pull the front up and on me in one movement. As I did, I could feel the weight of the breasts on me and I pulled the head piece over mine. Once I moved it around so I could see , I couldn’t believe what I saw in the mirror. Me!!! Or me as a carbon copy of Denise!!!! I have never been so happy in all my life! I can feel everything! The hair cascading down onto my shoulder, the emptiness between my legs….I smiled and that face smiled back at me!!! Thank goodness I had bought some clothes and undergarments earlier. Here I am getting out for the first time as the new me!!!! I feel fantastic!!!!


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