Dazed afterglow

“Come on. I think you owe me…” James said.“Owe you?” Tom said in a daze and followed. His heart was still racing and his head spinning from the orgasm James had given him with his tongue. “You’re the one who turned me into a chick…”“Yeah, you said you could really use some good head, and I wanted to help out, but I’m not gay. Little magic fixed that, don’t you think?” James asked as Tom knelt down in front of him on autopilot.“But I’m not gay either.” Tom said as he pumped James’s cock with his hand.“No you sure aren’t. Open your mouth a little dear.” James said and in a stupor Tom did so. “Glllmrph.” Tom grunted as James’s cock was suddenly in his mouth. Tom looked up and saw James smiled at him and stroke his hair. Still tingling from his orgasm, everything felt, smelled, and tastes so good to Tom. He closed his eyes and started sucking, even that felt good.“Mmmhh, you’re good at that. Keep it up and I’ll stick it in your pussy.” James said.Tom’s closed eyes fluttered and he started moving his head faster back and forth. The idea of anything making his pussy feel good again was all the motivation he needed.


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