I Hate This. Wait Hang On I’m Really Pretty

What the fuck have you done to me you stupid witch. I don’t want to be a fucking chick. I’m a man. I can’t learn to live like this. I don’t want make up or painted nails or long hair. I was happy with a penis and a strong body. I know that your instinct tells you that this is what I want and that I will learn to accept this but you’re fucking wrong. I hate this no end and this feeling of hatred for this feminine body will never stop.


What was I thinking? Being a woman is great. I mean just look at me. This is so much more fun. I can’t believe I enjoyed being a man. Looking back on it now it was the worst period of my life.
I really want to apologise to that witch. She was right all along and I had no reason to be so nasty to her. At the end of the day she helped me and I’m much happier for it.
I may have said I will never have long hair but I do. I may have said that I would never wear make up but I do and I can’t believe I was so stubborn as well as stupid to think that I wouldn’t. Oh, and check out my eyebrows aren’t they just so beautifully sculpted. My eyebrows were never like this as that hideous man that I once was. And my eyelashes attract compliments from everywhere. They’re just quite simply stunning. Do you like my nails? I do. See how they match my freshly painted lips. Dosen’t it just look pretty.
I can’t believe I doubted that witch for a second and I hope the witch turns other men to women just so they can live life from a different perspective for a while and learn just how fantastic it is.


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