Hotel Wish

Dean and Frank were so excited to be going to their favorite basketball team’s game. They having been saving up for months and spared no expense. First class plane tickets, luxury hotel, and fine dining. It was the night before the big game. Dean turned the flat screen and started flipping channels. Frank on the other side of the room was at the desk was checking out his fantasy league. “Hey Dean, do you think Johnson would be a good pick?” asked Frank. “Hell yeah! He’s 6 foot 5 and huge! Plus he is much better then Miller.” Dean responded looking over at Frank, stopping at a random channel. “Why, because he is black?” Frank snapped back at him. “No man… I mean well, it helps… I wish I was black, then I would be great at basketball.” Dean whispered while glancing back at the TV. The picture was of a woman giving a man a blowjob. “Dude why did you stop the channel at porn?!” Frank said hearing the noises coming from the TV. “I don’t know big boy, why don’t you come here and find out.” Dean said in a very feminine voice. “I’m not gay bro…” Frank said turning around. “Who said anything about being gay?” Deana let her hair down and pushed her two breasts together while biting her lip. “Whoa! Dean you are fucking hot!” Frank said, already growing. “Then why don’t I come over there and I can help you with what you have in your pants for me.” Deana cooed. Frank pulled his pants off and let his best friend warm mouth massage his cock, all while cupping his breast. “This weekend just got a lot better for me!” Frank about to blow a load in Deana’s mouth.


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