Happy Ending?

“This was not what I had in mind when they asked if we wanted a happy ending.” Chris told his cousin Ike.

“Yeah…me too.” Ike said reaching over to bat his cousin’s big boobs around.

The two had gone out for massages at a little hole in the wall parlor while on vacation. The masseuses were both very cute and when the they began the massage they asked the boys if they would like a happy ending when they were done, the two agreed but didn’t get what they expected.

The oil the girls used changed the two, smoothing out their bodies and making them more and more feminine, by the time they realized what had happened the boys were two sexy girls who just couldn’t keep their hands off each other.

“You know what.” Chris said slapping his cousin’s tits about “This feels pretty good.”

“You’re right.” Ike said “To be honest I’m happy with how this ended.”


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