First day

“Hey sir can i help you?” Said a schoolgirl to Julian while he was searching the principal office. “In fact i looking for the…” he began to answer before the girl stopped him. ” Yeah yeah i know your kind, your are another american tourist looking for a young japanese girl to abuse of? Too bad i surprised you before you enter the ladies changing room!”. Julian step aside of the door, realising his mistake.
He tries to explain himself but the girl raise her hand and began reciting some strange incantations. Then Julian felt a huge pain in his stomach, making him fall on his knees. All his body was burning and began to contract making him slowly shrink inside his clothes.
“You see, i already been abused by some jerk american tourist once. They treat me like a dog and raped me. But since i had learn to protect myself and prevent any girl to fall in the same trap.” The girl said clodly as Julian continue to shrink and change. His hair, now long and dark covered his face, slowly changing from the average caucasian male face into an that of an female asian beauty.
“So now you will suffer a punishment. You will see how it is to a girl in this country, to be objectified by the men like you were.” On this word, and at the same time, two mound of flesh emerged form Julian’s chest and his manhood was sucked into his belly, making him squeak in a high pitch voice.
All that reamin of Julian was now a cute and affraid japanese girl in oversized clothes. With a snap of her finger, the girl reform all Julian’s clothes into a school outfit, at his now female size. “You turn out beautifully! You wasn’t bad as a man, so it’s logical you are a cuty as a girl. Let me explain what will happen to you now. You are now a japanese schoolgirl, it’s your first day at school. You will soon discover you have a new japanese family. Julian have existed but you are no longer him, you are Kimiko. Even if you remember your previous life, you will be incapable of talking of it to anyone. So you better get used to your new life. Now i will leave you, have a good life Kimiko, i will say hello to know how it goes for you later.” And with that the girl left. Leaving Kimiko in place, slowly realising of what have happen to her.
Despite her drasticly life change, her immediate objective was the same, finding the pincipal office. But now it was not as a future english teacher freshly arrived in Japan, but as a japanese schoolgirl. Due to the spell, she wasn’t able to have any help to regain her previous life or have any chance to explain to the girl who change her how all was a big misundertanding. The new girl stand up, seeing a sign for the principal office. As she walked the first step of her new life, she thought how her life could have been different if she had saw this sign before trying entering the girl changing room.


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