Got To Get It Off Of Me!!!

I was in the lab working on a top secret formula that could be used to swap genders in any living animal. I was on the cusp of perfecting it when a return line on the processing machine blew out, covering me with the pinkish goo that it consist of. “OMG!!!” ” I’ve got to get this stuff off of me!!!” I could feel the cells in my body start to change, as the goo continued to cover me. I continued to pull at it from around my head and face…Well at least….Oh No!!! My hair is long and my face doesn’t feel the same!!! I’ve got to get this off of me!!!! OHOHOH!!!! My chest is starting to expand!!! It’s not coming off fast enough!!!! OOOOH !!! my waist has constricted and I can feel things moving around inside of me!!! This can’t be happening!! Got..To..Get..It..Off..Of…..


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