Got me

“Huh. Look at that. Thought my roommate gave up after when I had foiled one plan after another getting back at me from when I pranked him the last time. He´s smarter than I thought, all those things he did was just a smokescreen and I walked right into it. Kinda clever mixing the magical powderin my Nutella jar.
Wonder if he mixed in mind alterat…alter….ate…eating….*She shrugged as if a fog had been lifted from her brain*. “Nutella! I love eating Nutella!”
She proceeded to eat up the rest of the contents in the half-filled jar.
Emptying the jar with a last lick on her fingers she sighed and thought that now she had to schedule yet another workout so she could burn the excess calories she just ate. A girl need to think of her figure!

With a great and dazzling smile the roommate entered the room. “Jack!”, she squealed and gave him a big hug, pressing her bountiful breasts against him. “I accidentaly ate all of the Nutella. Can you forgive me?”, she blinked her deer-like eyes at him.

Jack had seen the whole thing in the keyhole. Tricking his friend that the threat came from somewhere else, making sure he would have his guard down. He saw his roommate transform into a veritable bombshell and then seeing her eating all of the Nutella, or in this case, all of the magical powder.
Just a tiny amount of it would have been sufficent to have him transformed for days, now he had swallowed a full tablespoon of it. That would leave him transformed for at least three months. After seeing how well his roommate turned out he didn´t want to interrupt her eating all of it.
And if I wanted her around after three months I just had to feed her another jar of “Nutella”.


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