Good morning master

“good morning master.” I say as I jump up onto the bed, looking at the man who stole my life slowly wake; he smiles at me and I know just what he wants.
“is there anything I can do for you today?” I can’t help but ask; this man, whoever he is, kidnapped and turned me into his personal slave, he’s brainwashed me to obey his every command even though inside I hate it.
“you know what I want slave.” he says as he pulls the covers off himself, revealing his erection, my new nipples harden and my pussy becomes wet as I instinctively begin to ride his cock, moaning on the outside but screaming on the inside.
“Enjoying that slave?” he asks
No you sick freak, I hate this and I hate you, I want my life back; that’s what I should’ve said, but instead I said “oh yes master, I love to please you.


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