Rite of Passage Gone Wrong

It was a rite of passage in Jack’s family to drink a special wine from the family chalice on a young man’s 16th birthday. If he drank every last drop of wine the young man would be blessed with a massive cock and would be irresistible to women. Jack was so excited to drink from the chalice in front of his party guests that he almost spilled some out the side of his mouth. Jack looked at his girlfriend, Julie, who was sitting excitedly in the room waiting for him to finish. He had told her what would happen and she was excited to experience the promised cock. Jack finished and dropped the cup and rushed over to Julie but as he reached her he doubled over in pain. He looked in shock as he saw the last drop of the wine drink from the chalice onto the floor. In a flash Jack’s body changed and now he stood butt naked in front of his party guests. To Jack’s horror he was now a young blonde girl. Julie ran from the room crying and the other remaining girls, who had been invited by Julie, went to see if she was ok. That left a naked Jack alone with his male friends who quickly took advantage of their hosts’ new situation. An hour later when Julie had calmed down she came out to find Jack. She was stunned when she found him getting fucked hard by her older brother. “Julie! Help me I… Oh GOD!! FUCK MY ASS!!!” Jack screamed letting the orgasm wash over him, he lazily looked back as he saw Julie running away.
He shouldn’t have been so careless about drinking the wine…


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