Giving In

“Dave, what the heck are you doing?” I demand between moans as my friend rubs my breasts.

“Like, who’s Dave? I’m Dana,” she giggles.

“Dave… ohhh… come on, this isn’t…. ohhh that feels so good… funny!” I say between moans. We had woken up this morning like this, and I had been trying to hold on to my masculinity as much as I could, but Dave, or Dana whatever she was calling herself was giving in to her new urges. “Come on, stop it, we’re guys!”

“No we’re not,” Dana giggles, giving my breasts a squeeze. “Come on girl, get with it.”

“No… I… won’t give in!” I protest, I feel a hand rubbing against my pussy, and I realize its my own. “I’m not a woman, I’m a man… my name… my name is…”

I let out a scream as my first female orgasm sends waves of pleasure through my body.

“BOBBI!” I scream out, letting out a giggle. “Come on Dana, lets like, find some men to fuck.”


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