Girlfriends Idea of a Prank

My girlfriend leaves for work long before I get up so it’s not out of the ordinary for me to wake up alone. So just like any morning I headed for the bathroom but found something quite surprising, a big, thick dildo just sitting on our bathroom floor. I figured it was just strange, probably left out by my girlfriend, maybe she was sending me a message about my own dick.

I bent down to pick up the sex toy but when I touched it I felt so strange, I started taking off my towel and lining this thing up with my asshole, I was straight but…this thing was calling out to me. I held the counter and felt the tip of the toy press and enter my ass, I started lowering up and down, feeling the thick cock plunge into me ass.

Slowly I began to tingle all over, my hair tickled my back and my skin was smooth, soon my chest would shimmy with my movements and my ass felt different. My moans were growing higher and my own dick was shirking away.

“OHHHH!!” I moaned riding the fat dildo.

“Oh there you are babe.” I looked back and saw my girlfriend watching a now female me riding a dildo “Seems you found my little gift.”

“What did you-OH! Do to me?” I panted unable to stop myself from squatting down.

“Just a little enchantment on a toy I bought.” she said “Originally I was gonna turn you back after you came but…I think I like this look on you.”


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