Girl For The Summer

Katie! Are you going to leave me like this?

Well sure Adam. You’re the one who wanted to experience being a girl. Now you have the entire summer break from school to experience it.

But Katie, What am I supposed to do?

Do? Do what any college girl does during the summer. Get a job, I hear Hooters is hiring. Go to the beach, I left you some really cute bikinis. Go to some parties, just be careful about drinking. Find a nice boy and go on some dates.

Dates! With boys!? Katie, I thought we would spend the time together. Where Are you going?

I’m going home for the summer Silly, just like I always do. Besides, I’m not into girls. Now why don’t you go get dressed. I changed all your things into girls clothes. You’ll look so cute. Oh, before I forget, I left you a surprise in the night stand drawer. It even has fresh batteries.

Katie! Come back! Don’t leave me like this!


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