Getting Used to my New Body

I can’t believe this happened to me, just yesterday I was a successful banker and now look at me… I’m some kind of slut!

That bitch last night did this to me, infected me with her girly disease. Now the cravings have been hitting me all day, I’m just glad I found this dildo in my daughter’s room or I’d have gone crazy by now.

Ohhh… that feels so good… OHHH! Wow… that felt amazing… I never thought an orgasm could feel that good…

Ohhh… the craving’s are coming back… I hear the front door opening. From the voices its my daughter and her boyfriend. Ohh… I’ll bet he has such a wonderful cock, I want to feel it in me so badly!

Oh hey there big boy, how about you come over here and show a girl a good time?


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